Team work, steady development, truth-seeking spirit; 
customer, employee, supplier company, harmony and progress.
Flying Power based on the benefit, ecological balance, steady development work steadily; the company require employees with stand on solid ground of truth-seeking and uplifting the enterprising spirit; at the same time for realistic and we also understand: when it comes to do.
Flying Power is market-oriented, customer as the center of the company, in the company, market and customer is first; at the same time to realize the development of customer satisfaction and company, must be based on the company's staff as this, emphasis on staff development and training, the legitimate interests of company employees is placed in front of the company; the company again is composed of one or more shareholders, all business for the purpose of profit, so the guaranteed time must consider the interests of shareholders in the interests of our customers and employees, the long-term development of fourth to have enough money to support enterprise, the company is the supplier of upstream to us, their support is a gurantee of our development. In short, the enterprise is like an ecological chain, to consider the healthy development of each link to.
Market Mission:  Integrated into the customer,Create competitive advantages for our customers.
Service Mission: Integrated into the customer,Act quickly and professionally
Quality Policy: Production guest trusted products, to meet the needs of guests.
Working Consept: Simple, high efficiency, the implementation and effect.