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Battery Summary:
NF front terminal battery is especially designed for telecommunication use with 10+ years design life in float service. By combining the newly developed paste formula with GEL electrolyte, the battery recharging efficiency increased. NF battery is easy installation and maintenance. This series is highly suited for telecom applications, UPS systems and other back up applications.
Battery Characteristics:
Designed floating service life: 10 years @ 25 °C/68 °F.
Valve sealed design, no free electrolyte, maintenance free
Wide operating temperature range from -15°C to 35°C
Advanced paste formula with increased recharge efficiency
Low self-discharge rate
Excellent deep discharge recovery capability
UL Component Recognition (MH27904);
Telecom Control Equipments UPS systems Communication Equipments Medical Equipments Emergency Power Systems
Specification table:
产品型号 Item 额定电压 额定电容 端子 Terminal 规格尺寸/Dimension(mm) 重量
Rate Voltage (V) Rate Capacity (AH/10Hr) 长 Length 宽 Weidth 高  Height 总高 Total Height Weight
NF12-50 12V 50AH T11 277 106 223 223 17.80KG
NF12-80 12V 80AH T14/T12 562 114 188 188 27.50KG
NF12-85 12V 85AH T14/T12 562 114 188 188 28.00KG
NF12-100 12V 100AH T14/T12 395 110 286 286 32.10KG
NF12-105 12V 100AH T14 507 110 230 230 30.90KG
NF12-150 12V 150AH T14/T12 551 110 288 288 43.50KG
NF12-155 12V 155AH T14/T12 551 110 288 288 48.50KG
NF12-180A 12V 180AH T14/T12 546 125 316 316 55.00KG
NF12-180 12V 180AH T14/T12 561 125 316 316 55.50KG