Flying has been involving in the research and production of sealed lead acid battery for many years, our technical advantages includes

1.The innovation in motive use battery. 
After years of research and application of the environmentally friendly alloy deep cycle batteries, we have developed a set of deep cycle battery formulation and production technology.
The Internalized-into Technology
It extend deep cycle battery life, which is 15~30% longer than that of the normal battery @80% D.O.D. reaching more than 500 cycles; 50% longer @50% D.O.D. with 1000 cycles. Moreover, it simplifies the production process and decreases the self-discharge rate, thus ensures the battery quality in standby use.
Cadmium free Technology
It is the technology not only solves the service life problem of the deep cycle batteries, but also is environmental friendly and recyclable.
These features are particularly suitable for application of electric vehicles, sweepers and other power supply applications.
2. Nano-Gel Technology.
Nano-Gel technology is successfully applied in most of our battery ranges. Nano-scale silica is mixed with dilute sulfuric acid solution with a special process, and then the mixture is added into the battery, final process is to combine with internalized-into technology. This type of battery has following advantages:
1.Low charging voltage
2.Low heating-up during charging
3.Low water loss
4.Excellent thermostability – can operate @50℃ in a long time
5.Low temperature resistant – can discharge 70% of the total capacity @-30℃
6.Even distribution of Electrolyte
7.Easy to install and can operate in any direction, no risk of acid leakage
8.Long service life
3. Cast-weld Technology.
With advanced casting and welding equipment and techniques, bus-bar and pole can one-off be casted. This ensures the internal structure, thickness and firmness of the grid pole in good condition during the bridge welding; ultimately improves the battery consistency.
4. Pole plate weighting by pieces
The battery's plates are weighed by piece precisely in order to control the weight of the grid with the coating and filling of active material. Only the same weight classes are collected in the battery production, through which the high consistency is achieved.