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1)FLYING battery is the collection plate production, battery assembly, integrated company in product design and development integration. The main parts of battery are independent production, not only to maximize the reduction of cost, but also can ensure the stable quality and on time delivery.
2) Based on the integrated into the customer, fast standard service concept, professional R & D team FLYING battery, in the premise of fully understanding customer requirements, R & D and production of the most suitable for the customer the product market. The customer is the standard of company production, shipment inspectiononly standard.
3) FLYING battery, shipments from raw material inspection to pack, each link strict control, the implementation of employee, QC, workshop leader, QA layers of accountability, and resolutely put an end to the defective products into the market, to ensure product quality.
4) FLYING battery based on staff, pay attention to employee health, development and training. At the same time,the implementation of national environmental policies strictly, pay attention to environmental protection. To protect the company's sustainable development.
5) FLYING battery has always believed in the integrated into the customer, create a competitive advantage in themarket concept, with a view to a win-win situation.