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Battery Recycling & Environment Protection
Lead(Pb) is the most important metal for lead-acid battery but harmful for human beings. 
Lead is a potent poison. Very small amount of lead is harmful to human health. Once absorbed into the body lead combines with and inhibits the functioning of certain enzymesoften with severe physiological or neurological consequences. Lead is also an important environmental issue. Lead(Pb) is an element which can not be degraded or transformed into some other material, and it is extremely difficult to clean up after dispersal in our environment. And lead already widely contaminates our environment. Today no level of lead is considered to be actually safe.

Now we can see that scrap battery recycling is a great way for environment protection and our resource recover. If your lead-acid battery is out of service, please don't throw it indifferently into our surroundings in which we all live. Please pick it carefully up to your country's battery recycling center or where the scrap battery can be properly disposed and effectively gotten back.