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Battery Summary:
NL series battery using high elastic AGM separator, thick plates and special paste formula production. NL battery charging and discharging performance is stability and long cycle life. NL battery is suitable for many ranges, specially for telecom power systems equipment
Battery Characteristics:
Designed floating service life: 5~10 years @ 25 °C
Valve sealed design, no free electrolyte, maintenance free
Wide operating temperature range from -15°C to 35°C
Thick positive flat plate design, long cycle life.
Low self-discharge rate.
UL Component Recognition (MH27904);
UPS systems, Telecom systems, Solar and wind energy systems, Electric Utilities, Control Equipments, Security Systems, Medical Equipments, Railroad Utilities, Photovoltaic Systems
Specification table:
产品型号 Item 额定电压 额定电容 端子 Terminal 规格尺寸/Dimension(mm) 重量
Rate Voltage (V) Rate Capacity (AH/10Hr) 长 Length 宽 Weidth 高  Height 总高 Total Height Weight
NL2-100 2V 100AH T13 171 72 206 211 5.90KG
NL2-100 2V 150AH T13 171 102 206 211 5.90KG
NL2-200 2V 200AH T15 173 111 329 365 13.00KG
NL2-250 2V 250AH T15 173 111 329 365 14.60KG
NL2-250B 2V 250AH T15 170 150 312 342 16.80KG
NL2-300 2V 300AH T15 170 150 312 342 18.70KG
NL2-500 2V 500AH T15 241 171 312 342 30.00KG
NL2-600 2V 600AH T15 285 171 312 342 36.10KG